Thursday, February 20, 2014

An Uzbek Wedding

     Our friend Hussnadin's son got married. Naturally, there must be a party! Hussnadin is a carpenter, so I was excited to see his house as well. Because the party was near Bilcas, our favorite tree skiing area, we decided to bring our gear with us so we could ski afterwards. Hayat joined us at the party and came skiing as well.
      We had a big breakfast at Abdullahjan's, arrived at the party around 10am and were immediately served a gianormous bowl of mutton soup, bread and plov. In order to not be impolite, we had to finish most of the food.  We were stuffed!
Deb @ the men's table

D and Hussnadin in the outdoor kitchen. It was about 5*F.
Hand washing after the meal

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