Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kjartan and Noorvuz

     After spending a week in Arslanbob last year, two ski mountaineering objectives were on my list-Kjartan and Noorvuz Peak. Both summits immediately attract a skiers eye with clean ridge line approaches and classic fall line descents. With good stability and boot top hero powder, we were able to bag both this week!
      We skied up into Jerz Jaroom from town on a clear cold morning after a couple of days of putting in skin tracks. The North aspect of Kjartan had stuffed, leaving us with amazingly soft debris to ski.
JDY with  Kjartan in the background
Island of safety on the Kjartan descent.

      Noorvuz was bit of a gamble with the weather Gods teasing us all day long. After doing some homework scouting the route and putting in some skin tracks, we left early after eating yet another huge breakfast thanks to Ulmashon. Thankfully, the weather held for easy route finding on the way up.
Noorvuz and ridge line route to the summit.
      After a bit of rock scrambling we reached the summit, only to have the clouds hammer down on us. We skied super conditions with "variable" viz almost 4,000ft back to Arslanbob. A Mega-Classic ski peak by my standards. 
Noorvuz summit "photo op"!
        We will be back to Noorvuz  again. We could spend a week playing on unskied North facing 40* couloirs. For now, we may take a day or two off, go to Jalalabad, a try to find a hot shower!

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  1. It's so great to read your posts and see your pictures, John! I'm so happy for you and Deb that you're having such an interesting and excellent adventure!! Thanks for being in touch when you can! Love you lots!