Thursday, February 20, 2014

Humbled and Inspired

      After nearly a week of storms and more than three feet of snow in the Babash Ata Range, we were greeted this morning by blue skies.
Time to head into the alpine and take a look around. Of course our Lada's alternator exploded on the way up. No day without an adventure!  We made great time breaking trail, and we're atop the North facing slopes of Jez Jaroom by noon.

     Sweet powder skiing all day long. It literally feels like we have whole country of untracked powder at our feet.

        Skiing the 3,000 ft back to Abdulajan's we bumped into a lone skier doing laps in his back yard. He wore rubber boots strapped with twine and "locked" into 70's era Marker bindings and Blizzard skis. Sticks for poles! Big high five for this dude. We were both humbled and inspired.

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