Friday, April 8, 2016

Ushguli Life

Heading out of town for a day of skiing. We are living in the upper most village of four total in Ushguli- Zhibiani. This is the lowest village, called Murqmeli. At present, there are two families living in Murqmeli, twelve in Zhibiani.

Behind Temuraz's tower is this abandoned truck left over from the days of the former Soviet Union. Temeraz says the engines were very good. The body not so much after apparently having been tumbled downhill.

Temuraz's tower seen from the neighbors stone barn.

Winters' snow and wind necessitate constant fence mending with whatever materials are at hand.

Herb drying and wood splitting chores happen inside the old greenhouse.

Another abandoned Soviet era vehicle behind the St. George church in upper Ushguli. The Shkhara complex stands in the distance.

Not OSHA approved. A ladder to access the metal roof above the cow barn. Leila comes out every morning for milking and we have fresh cream for our coffee, yoghurt for breakfast and hot cheese to cover the rest!

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  1. I really have to stop and think about what it would be like to 'live' there, not just see the pretty pictures. Way to go!