Thursday, February 20, 2014

Jet Lag Epic

      When flying to the other side of the planet, there is a price to pay. As hard as we tried to force ourselves into Kyrgz time it took three days to finally be able to sleep during the night and wake in the day.  Fortunately, that's how long it took for our bags to catch up with us in Bishkek. We had a super place to hang out at Interhouse Hostel, lots of long walks in the Capital with great city people watching.

D chilling @ Interhouse.
        We chose to fly South to Arslanbob instead of enduring the 15 hrs. car ride. In the end the cost was the same. We were greeted in Arslanbob with a winter storm that brought over two feet of snow. Great for the snow base, but not so good for the avalanche hazard. The local avalanche forecaster (JDY) issued a high danger warning for day one. Nevertheless, we found decent powder skiing in "Lachin's Land", got lost skiing through town on the way home and ended up in the middle of a wedding party. Had to do a shot of vodka with an apple chaser in order to escape! 
Après ski in Arslanbob 

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